The disaster that struck the shooting of the Kannada movie MastiGudi, starring Duniya Vijay, Amulya and Kriti Kharbanda in the lead roles, has shaken the Kannada film industry. 

Two young Kannada actors Uday Raghav, 32, and Anil Kumar Venugopal, 33, died while performing a stunt for the film at the Thippagondanahalli Reservoir, 35 km west of Bengaluru, from a helicopter. Lapses on the part of the film crew as well as the actors led to their death. The film, which has been in the news for all the wrong reasons, has next to nothing that’s redeemable in it. 


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MastiGudi released on 12th May. During the screening of the film, the families of Anil and Uday were seeing them for the last time on the big screen. Both families were very emotional and often wept as they saw the actors performing onscreen. 


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According to movie critics, Raghava Uday and Anil Kumar, who played the antagonists in the movie, don't seem to have justified characters and seem more comical than menacing. The movie is based on real-life incidents, and director Nagashekhar has added elements of comedy, action and romance to the script to make it a pure entertainer. 

MastiGudi is a semi-period film, about protecting nature from the forces that try to make huge money at the cost of wild animals. A few reviewers said MastiGudi is a film best ignored unless you’re a die-hard Duniya Vijay fan.