Speaking at a press conference in Kochi, Lijo said he stands by his allegations against the police. However, the director refused to comment when asked about the alleged violation of Motor Vehicles Department rules.  


Some members of the cast and crew of ‘Angamaly Diaries’ were allegedly harassed by the police at Muvattupuzha last week, when they were on a campaign to promote the film. The police stopped the vehicle they were travelling in, reportedly suspecting immoral activity. 


According to the police, the vehicle had advertising posters on the side and rear windows, which is against the MVD rules. The police said the same vehicle was fined earlier and the crew had repeated the offence, which made them stop the vehicle.


However, Lijo insists his complaint was regarding the police's behaviour towards the crew. He said the officers should have proceeded legally, in case of a rules breach, instead of harassing the young actors.


Lijo had earlier posted a video on his Facebook page, accusing the police.