Actress Amy Jackson recently underwent a DNA test. Apparently, Amy wants to know about the root of her family, about her ancestors. Thus, this curiosity has led her to undergo DNA test.

Amy is a British actress, who mainly appears in Indian movies including Bollywood, Kollywood, Tollywood and Sandalwood. Tamil film Madarasipattam by AL Vijay was her debut movie, where she played the role of a British governor's daughter, set in the pre-independent India.

Amy was born in the Isle of Man to Alan Jackson and Marguerita Jackson from Britain.

However, Amy took quite some time in researching about her ancestry, before taking the decision of conducting the Y Chromosome DNA test.

In an interview, Amy has said that she did not seem like an English. Her father's grandmother was a Portuguese and got settled down in England in 1900s. Amy is apparently interested in knowing about her family before they came to England.

In the same interview, Amy is also said to have told that this DNA test was done with a sample of saliva and is expected to get the result in a few weeks.

According to, Y Chromosome passes almost unchanged from father to son. Male ancestors carried their Y-DNA line along their migrations, helping one to trace the paternal ancestry.

Currently, Amy is waiting for the release of Shankar's much-awaited movie 2.0 opposite Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar and her debut movie in Kannada 'The Villain' opposite Shivarajkumar and Sudeep.