Bengaluru: The Kannada Film Chamber of Commerce (KFCC) has rejected requests from five Kannada film producers as they had decided to title their movies as "Nikhil Yellidiyappa" (Where are you Nikhil?). This comment from state chief minister HD Kumaraswamy went viral on social media ahead of the Lok Sabha elections.

Speaking to the media, former KFCC secretary Umesh Banakar said that filmmakers seek permission to name their movie after an incident that goes viral to gain people's attention. The filmmakers had also urged the KFCC to name their film as “MeToo”.

Amid all this, producer-director MG Ramamurthy managed to take "Ellidiyappa" title for his upcoming movie. Kumaraswamy commented, "Nikhil Yellidiyappa" during his son, Nikhil's film "Jaguar" audio launch in 2016.

This comment went viral after the JD(S) decided to field Nikhil from Mandya Lok Sabha constituency against independent candidate Sumalatha. This comment is now on all social media pages.

Karnataka will vote in two phases, April 18 and 23. Mandya elections are on April 18. The counting of votes is on May 23.