“When I wear gold, I feel as if a worm is crawling on my body,” Dr Rajkumar used to say. It is coincidental that he is also popular as ‘Golden Man or Bangarada Manushya in the Kannada film industry because of his popular film where he makes drought-hit village earn a good profit by farming!

Dr Rajkumar was known for his simple living. When the heroes wore grand dresses and jewellery, he kept himself away from all this. Though he never criticised anyone for wearing gold, he was very uncomfortable even to talk about it. The presence of gold on the body made him feel like he was wearing worms and soon they would start crawling.

In Kannada film industry one actor who explicitly expressed his love for gold was Ambareesh. He always tried wearing chains of different designs with interesting lockets. Inspired by Ambareesh, Dr Vishnuvardhan also started wearing gold.

Southern heroes MGR and NTR always wore golden bangle called kadaga and golden rings on most fingers. Music director Shankar Ganesh and Chakravarthy loved gold a lot.