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Yoga Day 2024: When Indian icon Virat Kohli called Yoga a 'Wonderful Discipline' (WATCH)

As the world celebrates International Yoga Day 2024, Indian cricket icon Virat Kohli shares his perspective on yoga, describing it as a 'wonderful discipline' that has profoundly impacted his life and career.

Yoga Day 2024: When Indian icon Virat Kohli called Yoga a 'Wonderful Discipline' (WATCH) osf
First Published Jun 20, 2024, 7:55 PM IST

As the world celebrates International Yoga Day on June 21, 2024, Indian cricket icon Virat Kohli shared his thoughts on the ancient practice, highlighting its profound impact on his life and career.

Embracing Yoga: A Personal Journey

Virat Kohli, known for his athleticism and mental fortitude on the cricket field, has long been an advocate of yoga. In numerous interviews and social media posts, Kohli has credited yoga for its role in maintaining his physical fitness and mental clarity amidst the demanding schedules of international cricket.

Virat Kohli's Perspective on Yoga

Speaking about his experience with yoga, Kohli described it as a "wonderful discipline" that has helped him immensely in staying fit and maintaining balance in his life. He emphasized the holistic benefits of yoga, which go beyond physical exercise to encompass mental peace and spiritual well-being.

Impact of Yoga on Kohli's Cricketing Career

For Kohli, yoga has been instrumental in enhancing his flexibility, strength, and stamina, crucial for excelling in a sport as physically demanding as cricket. He has often spoken about integrating yoga into his training regimen to improve his focus and concentration during matches.

Celebrating International Yoga Day 2024

On this International Yoga Day, Virat Kohli took to social media to share a special message, encouraging his fans and followers to embrace yoga for its transformative effects. He highlighted the importance of yoga in achieving a balanced and healthy lifestyle, both on and off the field.

A Global Movement

International Yoga Day, first proposed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2014 and officially recognized by the United Nations, has since become a global celebration of yoga's universal appeal and its profound impact on physical and mental health.

Kohli's Advocacy for Yoga

Virat Kohli's endorsement of yoga reflects a growing trend among athletes worldwide who recognize the benefits of yoga in enhancing their athletic performance and overall well-being. His public support for yoga has inspired millions to adopt this ancient practice to improve their health and quality of life. Watch the video below to hear Virat Kohli speak about the importance of yoga and how it has contributed to his success both on and off the cricket field.

As we commemorate International Yoga Day 2024, Virat Kohli's endorsement serves as a reminder of the universal appeal and transformative power of yoga. His journey with yoga not only underscores its physical benefits but also its role in fostering mental resilience and spiritual growth.

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