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Entrepreneur Romy Johnson shares similar traits with Elon Musk

The 22-year-old, Romy Johnson business personality is on the path to achieving more success, sharing some great leadership traits with Musk.


Entrepreneur Romy Johnson shares similar traits with Elon Musk
Bangalore, First Published Jul 28, 2020, 10:58 PM IST
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As time passes by, the world gets to know some of the best and the brilliant people from the new generation who are trying their best in carving their own special place in the world of entrepreneurship and the ones who are determined to rise above every struggle and become a success story. 

One such young blood we know of is the one who not only shares his birth date with the top businessman of the world Elon Musk but also shares some common traits which makes him much ahead of his game in business at such a young age. He is Romy Johnson, from Kochi, India and currently based in Canada.

Romy Johnson is one of the most famous businessmen, educationists and entrepreneurs, who serve as the founder and CEO of different companies like Cool Gurus, Xaare, Fames Media, and British India Academy.

Ever wondered what could be the things, qualities or traits of world-renowned businessmen like Elon Musk? What makes him the best entrepreneur in the world? 

Well, the answers to this could be many, but what's interesting is how some youngsters also portray the same qualities and traits of such illustrious entrepreneurs and show the great potential of becoming like them in the future, Romy is one amongst them and shows traits that many other aspiring entrepreneurs should also work upon.

●    Having a broader vision: Many people who have been a part of Musk's companies have been of the view that one of the things that have kept the billion-dollar entrepreneur ahead is his wide vision and to make people believe in that vision, Romy, on the other hand, shows the same trait of believing in the power of having a broad vision and making people work with him by believing in the same.

●    Being an opinionated leader: Strong opinionated leaders like Musk who are very clear on their viewpoints and opinions and are never afraid to share it with others, make them more powerful as entrepreneurs and Romy works across his businesses as the one who is known for his boldness and convincing power. His beliefs and ideas are what he believes in and work towards reaching the correct solutions to any problems in business.

●    Being adaptive: Smart entrepreneurs are those who know how to change according to the changing trends of the industry. Many leading entrepreneurs of the world have drawn their success stories because of this. Romy has been no behind as he knows that to drive a business to success, he needs to keep up with the trends of the industry and be adaptive towards it.

●    Being open to changes: An innovative leader like Musk kept becoming more and more successful because he knew that one must have an open mind to changes in a business. Being adamant for no reason and becoming a hindrance to one's own growth is not the way to be. Romy tries to follow the footsteps of Musk by learning to change his mind when it is required and necessary. Best innovations happen when a leader agrees to change his/her opinions and minds and work towards taking the business to more success, just like Romy who has been doing the same and changing the landscape of the industry for many.

Check out Romy Johnson’s Instagram Page @KingRomyJohnson for more inspiring content. 

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