YSRCP MLA from Nellore Kotamreddy Sridhar Reddy was interrogated by the district police in connection with the Nellore cricket betting case. He was interrogated by District Additional Superintendent Sarath Babu.

Speaking to the media after the interrogation, Sridhar Reddy said that the police asked him whether he had any ties with bookies and punters.

“Have you heard the name Krishna Singh? Do you know him? If yes, what kind of relationship do you have with him?,” Reddy said while explaining what all the police asked him.

He also during the interrogation he was also asked whether:

“During the Mayor election Krishna Singh bore the expenses of Goa camp through you. Is it true? You received money through Biradhavolu Srikanth Reddy and Roop Kumar Yadav? You have received many calls from bookie LSR. Is it true? Did you take money from cricket bookies? What about the proofs found in bookie Krishna Singh’s laptop?”

Reddy said that he told the police that he no connection with any bookies and they are free to access his entire family’s bank details. He said that he was being framed by people to carry out some political vendetta.

The police will interrogate Reddy once again on August 27.