A 4-year-old deaf boy who went missing in the bank was finally found in a temple via information passed around in Whatsapp. The incident happened in Gopapuram village of Palakonda in Srikakulam district on Monday.

According to reports, Varada Venkataramana along with his wife Sumalatha and 4-year-old son Harshavardhan went to Andhra Bank at 10 am on Monday for some transactions. The couple busy with their work didn’t keep an eye on the son who wandered away.

After an hour, they found him missing and tried to check his whereabouts in the bank CCTV camera footage but couldn’t trace him. People in the bank including journalists shared this information through their Whatsapp. Local youth went in search of the boy on their two-wheelers.

The boy was seen at Jagannadha Swamy temple two kms away by Ayyappa Swamy devotees. When they tried to ask Harshavardhan his whereabouts, he couldn’t speak. They gave him lunch when some of the devotees received news of his missing in Whatsapp.

P Muniswamy and L Sankara Swamy, devotees of Ayappa Swamy, called the parents who rushed to the temple and were reunited with their lost son. The parents expressed their gratitude to the devotees and the local residents for their timely assistance in finding their son.