Viral fever rampant in AP, patients crowd government hospitals

First Published 11, Sep 2017, 5:48 PM IST
Viral fever rampant in AP patients crowd government hospitals
  • In AP people are suffering from viral fever and are queuing up at the government hospitals
  • People are suffering from viral fever, malaria and dengue

The people of Andhra Pradesh are facing an onslaught of viral fever. The whole state seems to be in an epidemic of fevers and people are queuing up in front of government as well as private hospitals for treatment.

According to information from the health ministry, more than three thousand people are suffering from viral fevers in East Godavari district itself. In Kadapa district, 238 malaria cases and 1800 fever cases have been recorded while in Anantapur district, 165 cases of dengue have been recorded in August and patients are still coming for dengue treatment.

If this is the situation in the cities and villages, the tribal region is in the utmost dire conditions. When the whole state is under threat of viral fevers, there is alleged to be no response from the government. Though Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu announced ‘War on Mosquitoes’, it was a fledgling program with none of the officials responding to the impeding viral war.

There is no difference between cities or tribal region as people from every part of the state are suffering from viral fevers. The onset of rains brought with it stagnant water holes infested with mosquitoes and water contamination. This brought in the onslaught of malaria, typhoid and dengue fevers.