Telugu Desam Party Vijayawada Central legislator Bonda Uma failed to make it to the State Cabinet earlier and now was declined the post of Chief Whip. He is dissatisfied with the party and its leader for keeping him aside though he’s been working as a staunch commando in the party.

Bonda Uma is noted for his manpower and money power and being a staunch protector of the party and its leader, he is known to raise his voice against anyone who commented or criticised the party or its chief and so earned the name of commando.

He fought against his own Kapu community when political activist Mudragada Padmanabham was fighting for reservation of the Kapus. He alienated himself from the activists and in return expected Minister’s berth in the cabinet.

But he was to be disappointed, which distressed him a lot. Now he was overlooked for the chief whip post which was given to former minister Palle Raghunatha Reddy.

Uma is heartbroken with this new slight. The reason for this slight is said to be Chandrababu’s desire to save Vijayawada from Rowdy politics.