Versatile actor of Indian cinema Prakash Raj came in support of superstar Kamal Haasan’s Hindu terrorism remark. Kamal Haasan was trolled for his remark which he wrote in his weekly column ‘One cannot say there is no Hindu terror anymore’ in a popular Tamil weekly news magazine ‘Anand Vikatan’.

Kamal Haasan pointed out to the growing Hindu terrorism in the country and that the right wing cannot challenge the fact. He also stated that such terror activities are not going to help them in any way.

Prakash Raj came in support of the actor and posted on Twitter:

“If instilling fear in the name of religion..culture..morality is not terrorizing..than what is it ..#justasking

He also posted several questions under #Justasking titled

“To whomsoever it may concern

If abusing and manhandling young couples on the streets of my country in the name of morality is not terrorizing..

If taking law into hands and lynching people on slightest doubt of cow slaughter is not terrorizing..

If trolling abuse, silence even a slightest voice of dissent is not terrorizing..

Then what is terrorizing.. #justasking


Many supported Prakash’s tweet and have shared it on their Twitter handles as well.