Tollywood’s veteran actor Akkineni Nagarjuna and controversial director Ram Gopal Varma start their fourth venture on Monday. Their film roughly titled NagRGV 4 went on sets in Annapurna Studios on Monday.

After the launch of the film rumours are rife with the story being on the lines of Hollywood action thriller, Taken. The 2008 film has Liam Neeson as a retired CIA agent who hones his skills and travels across Europe to save his daughter from the kidnappers. The film was an unexpected box office hit in Hollywood.

Nagarjuna refutes these rumours saying that the film is a new story and that he plays the role of a Police officer. Nagarjuna also posted pictures in Twitter of him holding a gun with a serious look. In another picture he was seen holding a chain reminding us of the favourite seen in the duos trend setter film Shiva.

He tweeted,

“28 years ago a film called Shiva changed my life and now again another film/what I’m feeling now is something that I cannot describe! I only wish that life was so exciting every day, NagRGV 4”.

Responding to Nag’s tweet, RGV tweeted,

“Well Nag, it’s a cliché to say I will let my work speak. But since I tend to over promise and under deliver, first time in my career I will shut up and let the film speak”.

This is the fourth film of the duo starting with Shiva in 1989, Govinda Govinda and Antham. Although Shiva was a blockbuster, the other films didn’t do so well at the box office. Their fourth venture will be produced by RGV and Sudheer Chandra.