Keshava Reddy victim threatens suicide saved by CM Chandrababu

First Published 9, Sep 2017, 8:03 PM IST
Keshava Reddy victim threatens suicide saved by CM Chandrababu
  • Victim of Keshava Reddy scam went to the house of AP CM Chandrababu
  • He alleged that he lost Rs 5 lakh in the scam of Keshava Reddy much needed for his son’s operations
  • He attempted suicide but was saved in time by Chandrababu

Srinivas Reddy from Proddutur in Kadapa District came to meet the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Nara Chandrababu Naidu at his Amaravathi residence.

He spoke to the media saying that he invested Rs 5 lakh in Kesava Reddy’s educational institutions and lost the money. Now he has to get his son operated for heart condition and needs money. When he was being checked by the security at the CM’s residence, they found the pesticide tin and sent him away.

He took the opportunity to speak to the media and narrate his story saying that he would commit suicide if the CM didn’t respond to him and said he’s been coming to meet the CM since 10 days.

When Srinivasa Reddy tried to attempt suicide, the police handed him over to the Tadepalli Police station.

Since the CM was on tour, he caught the incident on television and called up his office and ordered them to help the victim. The officials say that he is with the State officials now.

Keshava Reddy Educational Institutions chairman Nagireddy Keshava Reddy was arrested by the Kurnool Central Crime Station for allegedly collecting a total of Rs 570 crore as deposits from parents of his students and not redeeming them.