The release of a Telugu film brought with it much pain to a carpenter, otherwise living a peaceful life in a small village in the Visakhapatnam district of Andhra Pradesh.

According to reports, Lankalapalli Gopi, a carpenter belonging to Anandapuram village in Visakhapatnam district, is inundated with thousands of phone calls from Ravi Teja fans for the past four days.

The misunderstanding arose when in a scene in Ravi Teja’s recent flick Raja the Great, a phone number is voiced out, saying it to be the hero’s number. As a result Gopi is now flooded with calls intended to congratulate Ravi Teja on the success of his film.

Gopi, tired by thousands of calls, switched off his phone and penned down a letter which was published by a newspaper. The letter read:

“My name is Lankalapalli Gopi and I belong to Anandapuram village in Visakhapatnam district. I am a carpenter by profession and have been living a peaceful existence till Raja the Great film had released. In the film, hero’s mother Radhika challenges the villain saying, ‘This is my son’s phone number. If you have the guts, do whatever you want to…’ and she gives a phone number 80745xxxxx which is actually mine. Ravi Teja’s fans thinking it to be their hero’s keep calling me.

I had to stop my work and answer them politely saying that it is not Ravi Teja’s number but mine. If it were one or two calls, it wouldn’t have mattered. But it is very difficult to answer calls in thousands. I switched off my phone, unable to bear the torture and am switching it on only when I have to use it.

It’s my humble request to the fans, please don’t call this number! I am also of the intention to sue the director of Raja the Great for using my number without my permission.”


Lankalapalli Gopi, Anandapuram (Visakha District).