A 63-year-old man unable to bear the expenses of his treatment took to stealing. In the process, he also stole a revolver to commit suicide in case he was not cured. But he realised his mistake and surrendered himself to the police.

The incident came to light in Bengaluru on Wednesday where 63 year-old Rayar from Kerala came to Bengaluru for his livelihood and joined as a manservant in the house of Agragami Private School Managing Director in Yelahanka.   

He suffered from intense stomach-ache and didn’t have a single penny for treatment. Four days before he stole Rs 1.5 lakhs and a revolver in his master’s house which even the owner couldn’t identify.

But the old man surrendered himself to the Yelahanka Police Station on Wednesday and confessed that the Rs 1.5 lakhs he stole was spent on his treatment.

When the police enquired as to why he stole the revolver they were shocked to hear his answer. He said that he wanted to commit suicide in case he didn’t recover from his sickness. The police filed a case and are investigating.