Ace director in Telugu film industry who rose to fame with the world renowned film Bahubali was invited by the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Nara Chandrababu Naidu to discuss about the construction of the new capital city of Amaravathi.

In this regard Chandrababu gave an appointment to Rajamouli on Wednesday, but was unable to meet him at the appointed time. In the meantime, Rajamouli was given a tour of the Amaravathi land by Minister Narayana after which he had a long meeting with the CM.

Rajamouli, speaking to the media afterwards, said that he would assist the government in every way regarding the construction of Amaravathi. He also revealed that he would meet with the Norman and Foster Company designing the capital city before 12th October.

The professionals incite a technical problem with Rajamouli meeting Norman and Fosters as Rajamouli doesn’t have a government position. So the question arises as on what basis can he represent the state? State can seek suggestions from anyone but when representing on behalf of the state, the person needs to have a government identity.

But knowing Chandrababu, nothing is impossible for him and he can easily create a post to Rajamouli. While this is believed by one group of people, some others say that Rajamouli is being dragged into this against his wishes.