Chandrababu Naidu announces welfare schemes for backward classes in lieu of early elections

First Published 11, Oct 2017, 6:19 PM IST
AP CM announces welfare schemes for backward classes
  • AP CM Chandrababu is all geared up to lure the voters with his many lined-up welfare schemes
  • Chandranna Pellikanuka is the new marriage scheme where government will give Rs 30,000 to the couple belonging to BCs and Rs 40,000 to Dalits
  • Minorities are already given Rs 50,000 under Dulhan scheme
  • Unemployment pension would be given from December

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu, aiming for early polls, is busy consolidating his vote banks with various schemes primarily to attract BCs (Backward Classes), Dalits and minorities.

With this aspect in mind, he introduced the Chandranna Pellikanuka scheme where a BC couple would be given a financial assistance of Rs 30,000 on the occasion of their marriage. The gift would be given to couples above 18 years of age.

20 percent of the money would be given after the engagement and the rest would be deposited in their account after the wedding. Chandrababu would also send his personal blessings to the bride and the groom.

Chandrababu had already initiated the Dulhan scheme of Rs 50,000 to the minority community. Dalits would also receive Rs 40,000 from the government.

The wedding schemes introduced by the government target the poor in BC, Dalit and minority background, the major vote bank in the state. TDP is trying to appease the lower section of the society in view of the proposed early elections.