Anushka Shetty eyeing for more Malayalam films?

andhra-pradesh | Friday, October 27th, 2017
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  • Anushka earned craze in Telugu and Tamil filmdom
  • The recent blockbuster hit Bahubali earned her recognition in Bollywood
  • She expressed her desire to work in Malayalam films if the role is good

Anushka Shetty is the leading actress in Telugu and Tamil film industry with many hit films in her kitty. She won national and international acclaim after the historical saga Bahubali became a worldwide hit. Though Anushka is receiving films from both the industries, she has become choosy in her selection of films.

In a recent chat with the media, she brought the topic of Malayalam films saying, “I remember my father saying once that Malayalam film industry makes the Indian film industry proud”.

She expressed her feelings that Malayalam audience have a good understanding of films. I understood the strength of the story in Malayalam films after I entered film industry.

She said she would look at the director and the actor if a Malayalam film was offered to her. Even if both are not satisfactory, she would do the film if the script is good.

Indirectly, Anushka expressed her desire to work in Malayalam films. 

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