Al-Qaeda founder, terrorist Bin Laden was killed at Abbottabad in Pakistan on May 2 in 2011. A former soldier has said that the terrorist was killed by his bullet and he gives an account of the day in his book The Operator.

The Navy SEAL troupe landed outside Laden’s bungalow on the night of May 2. The helicopter which carried the officers was purposely dashed into the compound. The team slowly broke into the compound. As the team broke the compound, the iron gates (doors) opened like the top of the tin can.

The team then entered the fake doors of the three-storey building. As the team broke the wall, climbed the stairs and reached the third floor, Laden was standing in front of the bed holding a woman a captive for his protection.

“Without wasting even a minute, I shot two bullets on Laden’s head split open. That moment he loosened his grip and the woman ran away. Just to make sure that he had died I shot another bullet into him,” said Robert O’Neil in his book.

He has also said that during the operation, his four wives and 17 children were not inside the house. Laden had grown a shot beard, he had grey hair. Laden looked much taller and lean than we imagined him to be, Neil has said in his book.