After braving the bushfire that destroyed forests, wiped out few animal species and left many aboriginals homeless, Australia has to now take measures to contain the deadly coronavirus following the first death due to COVID-19 reported.

A 78-year-old resident of Perth, Australia, breathed his last at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital on Sunday early morning as he could not recover from the deadly infection.

After being quarantined at Japan following the spread of deadly infection from China, the man was diagnosed with COVID-19, and kept in isolation at Howard Springs in the Northern Territory, Australia for the last 10 days.

His wife who also travelled with him to Japan in Diamond Princess Cruise Ship is also infected and is being treated in the same hospital. According to health officials, her condition has improved.

Doctors say aged people who have are infected are unlikely to recover given their low immunity.

So far, 28 people have tested positive for this deadly infection that may shoot up in the coming days as Australia witnesses a harsh summer.