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Spine-chilling video of 'Ghost Patient' confuses netizens; watch viral video

A CCTV video showing a security guard speaking to a 'ghost patient' at an Argentina hospital has emerged on social media. The viral video amazed and confused social media users.

Spine-chilling video of 'Ghost Patient' confuses netizens; watch viral video - gps
First Published Nov 22, 2022, 5:24 PM IST

From childhood, we have all heard mysterious stories of ghosts, and some of us have even experienced some uneasy circumstances in which we felt the presence of paranormal power. Our brain often senses that somebody is present in the room. However, most of us brush it aside and believe it's the after-effect of the movies we watched. Recently, a video from Argentina surfaced online and became the point of discussion for netizens.

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The 38-second-long video shows a security guard at the hospital speaking to someone who is not visible. A Reddit user shared this video with the details about the incident in the caption. According to the information, the CCTV captured the incident at a private care centre identified as Finochietto Sanatorium, located in Buenos Aires, around 3 am.  

The video starts with the reception, where the automatic entry door opens, despite the footage not showing anyone entering. Upon hearing the noise, the security guard gets up from his seat, holds the clipboard and proceeds towards the door. He also spoke to the 'invisible patient' with a clipboard and took details. Then he removes the line divider to let the patient in and begins to talk with someone. Finally, the security guard shifts the patient to another place in a wheelchair. Reports suggested that the patient had died in the same hospital a day before.

After the video went viral on social media, the care centre spokesperson revealed that the door was faulty and opened multiple times. However, there is no doubt that the video will send chills down your spine.

After being shared online, the video collected over 115K points and 2.8K comments. Social media users were terrified after watching the footage and expressed mixed opinions in the comments section. Take a look.

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