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Rajeev Chandrasekhar EXCLUSIVE: 'No intention to walk away, I see politics as public service' [WATCH]

In an exclusive interview on Asianet News's "Around and Aside," former Minister of State Rajeev Chandrasekhar discusses his future plans following the electoral defeat in Thiruvananthapuram, highlighting the honour of having the support of over 3,00,000 people and his commitment to public service.

In a special segment of Asianet News's "Around and Aside," former Minister of State Rajeev Chandrasekhar discussed his forward-looking plans despite the recent electoral setback in Thiruvananthapuram. He expressed that earning the support of over 3,00,000 people in Kerala's capital is a significant honour and emphasised his commitment to maintaining that bond with the people of Thiruvananthapuram. The BJP leader reiterated that, for him, politics means 'public service'.

Chandrasekhar said, " I got into politics in 2006, as an extension of my desire to serve the country and the people and that is very deeply embedded in my DNA. So winning and losing an election is not so material in terms of my desire to continue to serve the people of Thiruvananthapuram."

"Prime Minister Narendra Modi has an absolute vision of development of all states including Kerala and Thiruvananthapuram," he said. 

Talking about Kerala's technology, the former Union Minister said, "The Kerala economic model is broken. Am talking about the basic approach from the political leadership for decades that has inherently discouraged entrepreneurship. When you discourage entrepreneurship and investments, you don't allow jobs to be created, you don't allow youngsters to dream of succeeding."

"In Kerala, the irony is we have so many talented youngsters, but because of the ideological problem with other political parties that have been in government, you don't allow corporates to come in."

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