Mumbai: Partho Dasgupta, a former CEO of TV ratings agency BARC who was arrested in the Television Rating Points (TRP) rigging case, has been admitted to the ICU of a hospital here after his sugar level shot up, officials said on Saturday.

His daughter took to Twitter to allege that he was tortured in prison and appealed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and others to `save his life'.

Now Samrajni Dasgupta, the wife of the ex-BARC CEO Partha Dasgupta has written a scathing complaint to the NHRC regarding the conduct of the Mumbai Police. 

Beaten to implicate republic TV:

In the complaint to the human rights body, Samrajni Dasgupta narrated what she was told by her husband about the custodial torture. Her complaint stated, “All he could tell us was that he was mercilessly beaten up even in Taloja Jail. Someone was being paid to beat him up to falsely admit to the story that he had taken money from Republic TV in the TRP scam case. Partho has been mentally harassed all these days at the Taloja Jail as well. He has been told that he might as well make a false statement since that is what he would have to do eventually.”

Notably, the complaint implies that under the Maharashtra Government a man was thrashed by the Mumbai Police, put in an ICU in a grievous condition, and no one has been able to see him or talk to him since. All because he was not implicating Republic TV and parroting the lie that he took money from Republic TV to rig TRPs. 

His wife in a heart-wrenching plea in her NHRC complaint wrote, “We have not objected to the legal whatever steps it deems fit, so why is his fundamental right being denied. We want Partho safe. He should not be harmed and made to give a false statement to satisfy peoples vested interests.”

The deep conspiracy, the coercion, and the custodial torture has only made it clear that the entire TRP investigation by the Mumbai Police is motivated, vendetta driven and a blind exercise of malice. The latest allegations of physical torture being inflicted upon Dasgupta tell the horrifying tale of the state of affairs in Maharashtra, the complaint stated.