February 24 being former Tamil Nadu CM J Jayalalithaa's birth anniversary, several programs were conducted in her memory across the state and Asianet Newsables enlists the events and powerful statements from the iron lady which brought the All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (AIADMK) to power not just once but four more times.

'Naan Mudhala Amaicharagiye Satta Mandrathil Varuven'

To begin, within 1989, when DMK leaders disrobed Jayalalithaa for objecting to the budget speech of CM M Karunanidhi, as an opposition leader she played an emotional card, drawing comparison to the Mahabharata incident in which Draupathi was humiliated and disrobed, a weeping Jayalalithaa promised that she will never attend the Assembly and only enter when she becomes CM. 'Naan Mudhal Amaicharagiye Satta Mandrathil Varuven' (I promise I will return as CM in the Assembly) she said in Tamil then.

The incident demolished DMK, AIADMK came to power in 1991 and she became the CM for the first time and completed the full term in office.

In 2001, the party once again came back to power. Cashing on the anti-incumbency factor faced by the ruling Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam party, Jayalalithaa led the coalition that included Tamil Maanila Congress of GK Moopanar, Pattali Makkal Katchi, and Indian National Congress. However, she could not continue as CM due to corruption charges against her from her first term as the court asked to step down saying a person convicted under such a case cannot be CM for at least two years.

She then put her close confidante O Paneerselvam on CM's chair between September 22, 2001 to March 1, 2002 and again took charge as CM in 2002 and completed the remaining term. Her bad treatment to her political rivals and raids at former CM M Karunanidhi's house and corruption cases earned her bad reputation.

Again the anti-incumbency factor, increase in price, nepotism, and corruption involving MP A Raja in 2G spectrum scam-hit CM M Karunanidhi hard and his party DMK lost to Jayalalithaa's AIADMK in 2011. Her popular cradle baby scheme launched in the first term earned her title 'Amma' and contributed in her 2011 win and made her the CM for the third time. The AIADMK under her leadership won 150 seats out of 234. Under this Amma brand, she launched many populist schemes and started to give freebies like 'Amma' mixer grinder, gold for marriage and cash for backward women, Amma Canteen, Amma Insurance and others which strengthened her position in TN politics.

Powerful quotes by J Jayalalithaa

Riding on these schemes, Jayalalithaa then came with the most powerful sentence of her life and in Tamil Nadu political history.

Her quotes 'Makkalal Naan Makkalukaaga Naan' (I am by the public and I am for the public) and 'Ungalal Naan and Ungalukaaga Naan' (You made me and I will be for you) during the campaign became an instant hit and connected with voters and she managed to get 136 seats.

It was this powerful statement that demolished the DMK which is a UPA ally and brought the ruling government back to power and Jayalalithaa became CM again in May 2016.

On December 5, Jayalalithaa died due to a heart attack and Edappadi Palanisamy was elected as CM by the party.