On Friday, the All India Kisan Sabha said it would join farmers protesting in Delhi against the new farm laws introduced by the Centre.

The announcement was made in Nashik by AIKS leaders Ajit Nawale and Ashok Dhawale, Centre for Indian Trade Unions'' state president Dr D M Darar and Sunil Malusare among others.

"The three laws are aimed at allowing corporates to make profits at the cost of farmers. To oppose them, we will leave from Nashik on December 21 and take part in the protests underway. Thousands of farmers are expected to join us," said Dhawale.

Thousands of farmers, mainly from Punjab and Haryana, are protesting at Delhi borders for more than three weeks. At least five rounds of formal talks have been held between the Centre and 40 farmer unions to break the deadlock, but the unions are demanding complete rollback of these laws.

He said the AIKS and allied outfits would also protest against the Electricity (Amendment) Bill, 2020 and claimed it was meant to privatise the sector, which would result in higher power bills for people.

In an hour-long address to the farmers of Madhya Pradesh, Prime Minister on Friday reiterated his government’s commitment to the welfare of farmers and explained how the three farm laws against which several thousands farmers are protesting for the last three weeks are a step towards making farmers’ lives better. The laws in question have not been passed in Parliament in hurry; there have been decades of discussions, PM Modi said.

Political parties should stop misguiding farmers. It's been 6-7 months since farm laws were implemented. But now suddenly, games are being played to plough one's own political land through a web of lies, he added.