A group of over 800 academicians from universities and institutions across India have written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, expressing their support to the new farm laws.

The 866 academicians from institutions like the University of Delhi, JNU, Tezpur University and Banaras Hindu University have given their consent to the new farm laws in a letter addressed to the Prime Minister.

In the letter, the academicians wrote, "It has come to our notice that these three Agro Acts seeks to free farm trade from all transactions at competitive prices. The Union Government has repeatedly assured the farmers that these three Bills on farm trade would not do away with Minimum Support Price, but rather free the farm trade all illicit market restrictions, open the market beyond 'mandis' and further assist the small and marginal farmers to sell their produce at market/competitive prices. The new laws also provide full autonomy for farmers to sell their produce."

They further said, "As a proud citizen of India and members of different educational institutions, we strongly support the proposed Agricultural reforms bill, 2020 by the Union government. We strongly believe that in the government's assurance to the farmers to protect the farmers' livelihoods, and it will not take the food from their plate. The government is still firmly committed to delivering the principle of minimum government, maximum governance." 

Asserting that they stood in solidarity with both the Centre and the farmers, the academicians said that it was not their aim to bifurcate the farmers from the nation.