Even as the deadlock continues between farmers and the Centre over farm laws, attempts are being made to spread panic among protesters camping on the outskirts of Delhi.

A video has been doing the rounds in which one Gurcharan Singh Babbar, who claims to to be the editor-in-chief of Quami Patrika and Sikh Times, claimed that the government will soon launch an operation against the farmers protesting in and around Delhi.

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Claiming that farmers' agitation at the Sindhu border has 'scared the government', Babbar said that the government was planning to launch a 'large' operation to end the protest at the Singhu border.

"The government will cut off the electric supply of the area and the paramilitary forces will charge towards the agitators using big torches. The government may also use CRPF and BSF for the operation," he claimed.

Now, the government has responded to this outrageous claim. 



The Centre has outrightly rejected the claim as fake and reiterated that there was no plan to deploy paramilitary forces at the Singhu Border. 

It has also denied the claim that curfew will be imposed in Punjab and Haryana afterwards.