Stating that about 200 plus cattle are slaughtered in Goa to supply the beef to tourists, Goa-based cow vigilante group 'Govansh Raksha Abhiyaan has demanded a ban on visitors and tourists consuming beef.

The group's contention is that to meet the demand of 25 ton supply of beef mainly to tourists, many cattle are slaughtered.

They want the Goa state to follow their Karnataka counterparts which introduced the new anti-cattle slaughter law, 'the Karnataka Prevention of Slaughter and Preservation of Cattle Bill (2020)'

The group also has submitted a memorandum to Chief Minister Pramod Sawant in this regard.

"The picture being painted outside Goa is that Goans eat only beef and that if beef is not available, people in Goa will go hungry. That is a wrong projection. Goans only occasionally eat beef and maybe sometimes during festive occasions," Kamlesh Bandekar, a spokesperson from the organization was quoted in the media as saying.

As it is festival season and Goans and tourists feast on beef, Chief Minister Pramod Sawant has assured the availability of red meat.

"Even if beef is not available, we can still bring in live animals with permissions (for slaughter in Goa),” the CM was quoted as saying.