Amidst stiff opposition from Congress in Assembly session today, the Karnataka government passed the controversial anti-cow slaughter bill. 

The BJP government which is aiming to establish itself in Karnataka through the pitch of caring for 'cow', has already made it's mind and now the bill will be sent to Member of Legislative Council, the upper house to get further push.

As per the bill, slaughter of cattle will be a cognisable offense and will attract three to seven years of jail term and a penalty that shall not be less than Rs 50,000, and may increase up to Rs 5 lakh.

In case the person is caught for similar offense for second time, the offence will attract a fine of Rs 1 lakh and may extend to Rs 10 lakh along with jail term of seven years. 

The bill further states that, a police officer of sub-inspector or higher rank, or a competent authority has the power of search and seizure, if they sure about the offense. After the seizure, without any delay the officer shall report it to Sub-Divisional Magistrate for confiscation, the bill reads. 

There shall also be a special court for the purpose of speedy disposal of disputes under this very Act.

The opposition contended that this matter was not discussed with concerned committee from the business and economic point of view and accused BJP government of playing Hindutva card once again rather than thinking on practical grounds.