Scotty sources the parts from - no brownie points for guessing - China. Shenzhen, to be precise. Now, if you've visited the electronics market in Shenzhen, then it seems quite believable with malls of electronics, leaving you with a good scope of sourcing components. But, who've visited also know the importance of knowing the local language, and negotiating with sellers using a calculator.


Scotty says he is a programmer but didn’t dabble much with phones. However, he adds anyone watching the video with lots of patience will be able to build as it's no rocket science. He bought a board with the Touch sensor, and also managed to buy a screen and battery. Building a phone requires a screen, shell, battery, and logic board. It had parts that cost roughly $300 which is approx. ₹19000. A brand new Apple iPhone 6s sells at ₹30000. 


And, overall, it was a task that required a lot of effort. Take a look at the video below:

In his blogpost, Scotty also writes that the reason to build an iPhone 6s and not the iPhone 7 was he already owned an iPhone 6s and thought he might need a phone identical to what he was trying to build and compare against. However, he added, there was never the need to open the iPhone 6s.


“iPhone 7 parts are pretty hard to come by in the markets. It’s not totally clear why this is, but I have some ideas. A lot of the parts come from recycled/broken phones, and so it would make sense that there just isn’t that much supply yet. I also think there’s probably really high demand for iPhone 7 parts, so what parts are available may get traded before they make it out into display cases,” he added.