Wouldn't it be great if Facebook pays you for liking a friend, commenting and sharing a post? Mark Zuckerberg may not give away perks for likes, shares and posts. 

But Shred Pillai, a non-resident Keralite entrepreneur, is offering social media experience while paying you for your engagement!   


Shred Pillai's Paybookclub offers loyalty bonus for the time spent on social networking. Members get paid for their status update with content and for the likes, shares and comments they make on status posts of other members. Members will also get a monthly loyalty reward based on the time they spend on paybookclub, the official website claims. 


The site is designed by Capexsales Ltd, U.K. The 'Playbook club cash for content app' can be downloaded from Google Play store. 


Pillai claimed that his social media platform is safe and secures privacy. Besides videos and photos, it also provides for monetising other content too.  But the startup venture's social media programme is conceived as a mobile App and will not run on a standard internet browser.