It's official! We love Internet. Over two-third of people participating in a global survey by IPSOS has said that they cannot imagine a life without Internet. And, the country that sits on top of the list is India. 82 percent respondents from India cannot live without Internet, followed by the US that stands at 72 percent.  So, why has Internet become as essential as breathing or food. We tried to figure out by understanding how we use Internet. While there are various things that Indians use the Internet for, from shopping to paying bills, we found these six essential reasons that you shouldn’t miss. 


Clearly so, Indians are obsessed with porn. To the extent, when we have free Wi-Fi access, even at  public places such as Railway Stations, we watch porn. Now, watching porn on free Wi-Fi may be risky, but who cares about security anyway. Remember how Patna topped the list for free Wi-Fi usage at Railway Stations for maximum searches, but largely porn-related. Anyone heard about, putting Internet to good use!

Cyber bullying

And, yes, we also spend time bullying and getting bullied online. Oh yes, we do. Teens, pre-teens, tweens, all have access to social media. And, why not! Who really cares of a life outside the web world. In fact, Indian teens are the most bullied online compared to countries like America and Australia. Again, who really cares about counselling, they’re kids and it's just a fancy word. 


Oh, and we spend a lot of time creating memes. We have the unique capability to create a meme just out of anything and everything. A note scribbled by a jilted lover, aka ‘Sonam Gupta’s boyfriend’ was posted online, and the Internet ensured that everyone knows she is a cheat. Then, Ramdev baba’s arguably kinky yoga position, that went viral. It gave social media a field day. And, the list just goes on. A job at meme making, anyone?

Dating and perfect match

Yes, we need the Internet to date men/women (Tinder, anyone!), and then we also need it to find that perfect match. The Internet has made us modern and advanced, and even parents are engaged in looking for a bride/groom online. Oh, but yes, the site should have a separate section for the caste, sub-caste and no matter how advanced we get, the horoscope will play a huge role in deciding the alliance. 

Sanskari and non-sanskari gyaan

Online users (read trolls) have a lot of gyaan hidden, which erupts online. Now, the gyaan will be shared irrespective of we've been asked to comment or not, we know about the subject or not. After all, we have to comment on anything and everything. On celebrities’ personal lives, what to wear or what not to wear, what to eat or not to eat, and so on. The sanskari as well as non-sanskari gyaan is available 24 x 7. 

Mobile vacations

No matter how boring an event or an outing is, a mandatory post about how much fun you are having is a must. How else are you going to let others know you have a happening life, unlike theirs? And, how can a vacation be complete without frequent check-ins and clicking zillions of pictures that you have to post online. What’s the fun in viewing a new place with your eyes without a lens that makes it look wonderful.