Nanu, a popular Voice-over-Internet-Protocol mobile application’s report has suggested that 81 percent of mobile phone users in the country do not spend more than ₹500 a month and 64 percent of Android users spend only an average of ₹300. 


A 3-day survey was conducted on 14,000 Indians which revealed: "64% of Indians have indicated an increase of more than 10% in their data charges and 21% noticed an unbelievable surge of more than 50% in their data cost."


While some of us curse rising data charges by service providers, the report suggests that only 25 percent of users are aware of their data usage and its expenses. 42 percent of users simply did not know how their internet data was consumed. 


However, 17 percent were aware of increasing charges, but it did not seem to matter to them either way. 


Interestingly, most them did not seem to realise that large chunks of their data packs were being exhausted by random video advertisements, being unaware that watching a video on the phone consumes more data than simple browsing.   


Surprisingly, only 10 percent of Indian users had an advertisement blocker installed on their mobile phones. 


Martin Nygate, Founder & CEO, Nanu said, "With mobile advertising growing exponentially, there is an increasing possibility of consumers facing hidden data charges without their knowledge. We are glad that TRAI has made meaningful efforts in this direction, and we are hopeful that the operators will join this movement to safeguard consumers’ interest."