iPhone X is Apple’s best phone ever. It has not only pushed its own boundaries but in doing so has created a smartphone that is like no other in the market. Apple has successfully executed a full- screen-front design that Samsung could not, and companies like Essential could only come so far.

Though the phone comes with a jaw dropping price tag, there are things that an iPhone user may miss. Here are 5 reasons you why you should not buy the new iPhone X, even if you have Rs 89,000 and more to throw away.


The 64GB variant of the iPhone 8 is priced at Rs 64,000 and the iPhone 8 Plus is priced at Rs 73,000. It was speculated that the iPhone X prices would touch Rs 1 lakh in India, and so it does. The 64GB variant of the iPhone X will retail for Rs 89,000, it would be the most expensive iPhone ever, while the 256GB variant sells at Rs 1,02,000. This could be a deal breaker for many as the iPhone 8 Plus comes quite close to the iPhone X, when it comes to overall specs. This makes the iPhone 8 a better deal,if you are ready to let go the new fancy design. 

No Touch ID

iPhone X is built on a new design strategy. The good old physical home button is gone, and while we can’t say how it will affect the daily usage, Apple didn’t replace it with an on-screen fingerprint scanner.

As per the leaks, Apple was in process of developing a new Touch ID embedded underneath the display. And the technology was developed successfully for the iPhone. Similar technology appeared on a Vivo phone at an electronics show in Shanghai. But Apple decided to keep it away from the iPhone X. May be the cost would have rocketed but most probably Apple wants to keep it for the iPhone X 2018.


All you have now for unlocking and authentication is Face ID that can do so suing your face. Samsung took a different path with iris scanner because of obvious flaws of the facial recognition technology such as it can be imitated and our face many change slightly over the time due a beard, fat or a prolonged disease.

No headphone jack

The headphone jack hasn’t reprised its role since the iPhone 6S. Many iPhone fans moved away from the iPhone 7 due to the same reason. And the iPhone X, and also the iPhone 8 and the 8 Plus continue that tradition.

Apple is stressing on the use of wireless earbuds and they might not be the perfect answer to the replacement of wired headphones. It does bundle wired headphones with lighting port instead of the 3.5mm, but yes, both of these are quite expensive to own.


No screen damage insurance

When Samsung first announced Galaxy S7 Edge boasting a refined Edge display, it bundled screen damage insurance that users could purchase at the time of buying at a very minimal cost.

Now that iPhone has switched to an all-screen design, it probably makes the phone more susceptible to falls and hits. Since the screen is almost everywhere, there are brighter chance of it getting shattered, which could be a big negative of the smartphone.

Though Apple does mention that the glass used on iPhone X is the strongest used on any smartphone, it is still not certified to be shatterproof.

Cameras are still 12MP

Like the iPhone 6S and the iPhone 7, the iPhone X still uses 12 megapixel cameras. There are two of them now, but that doesn’t mean twice the pixels on the photo. You will still be getting 12MP image but with slight refinements to the colour and low light capability.

Apple boasted of a better autofocus that comes from the TrueDepth technology it has put on the front and rear camera. The tech helps the cameras sense depth using an array of sensors and it’s an advanced thing. But it won’t help you capture more details in the photo. Though Samsung also uses a 12MP dual pixel sensor on its flagships, there are smartphones in the market that come with much higher resolution cameras (read Nokia 8).

Moreover, the Chinese vendors have ensured that there are other devices offering an edge-to-edge display along with dual camera setup, such as the newly launched Mi Mix 2.