This case in Tiruppur is an addition to the recent cases of jilted lovers turning against their lovers. A 30-year-old woman set ablaze on Thursday by her stalker for rejecting his advances. She has been admitted at the Coimbatore Medical College and is undergoing treatment.

The victim, Sangeetha had met the accused, 30-year-old Mathiyalagan at a wedding in Tiruppur and had exchanged numbers. However, after talking to him for a few days, Sangeetha realised that he had other intentions and she stopped talking to him. 

On Thursday, Maithualagan convinced Sangeetha to meet him. While they were talking, he hit her on the head with an iron rod and set her ablaze. She had severe burns and was admitted to Coimbatore Medical College Hospital. Meanwhile, a case has been registered by Vellakovil police station in Tirrupur. 

In a similar case in the month of April, a 20-year-old woman was set on fire by her lover after she refused to continue their relationship. Following the act, the man Parthiben also immolated himself following the horrific act. The two succumbed to their injuries at the Kilpauk Medical College a day later.

Recently, there has been an increase in such cases, especially after the murder of Infosys employee Swathi at the Nungambakkam train station. In the months following the incident, four more women were killed by men whose advances were rejected. As per the National Crime Records Bureau 1,359 murders occurred in 2015 over “love affairs”.