The country is on tentehooks after the Centre issued a mandate regarding the cattle slaughter ban. While the northern belt of the country is in favour of the ban the southern and the eastern part of India have built defences against it. In a hearing at the Madras High Court, which stayed the ban for four weeks, one could hear petitioners giving out reasons, justifying the stay on the ban and a following reconsideration. They cited:

Contradiction of law:The petitioner sought the quashing of the provisions of Rule 22(b) (III) and Rule 22(e) of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Regulations of Live stock Markets) Rules 2017 on the basis of the fact that it was contradicting the parent Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1960 and the country's Constitution. 

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Breaching of the cardinal principal of federalism: According to the petitioners Selvagomathy and Asik Ilahi Bhava, the rule is mounted on legislation that is under the state legislatures. Hence, the provision breached the "cardinal principle of federalism". Moreover, the provision was notified on May 23 when courts were on vacation.

Centre cannot dictate someone's food habits: One of the petitioners also stated that since the notification related to the food habits of a community, it should have been first discussed in the Parliament and then issued. Rules prohibiting sale and purchase of animals violated the right to freedom of religion guaranteed under Constitution. 

Trade hit: The controversial decision was taken in the backdrop of observations made by the Supreme Court. However, this will have a major setback on the export and domestic trade of meat and leather. 

The notification violates religion: The PILs stated, "the slaughtering of animals for food, the food and culinary (items) made out of such animal flesh and offering sacrifice of animals are part of cultural identity of most communities in India, protected under the Constitution."

Loss of livelihood: The PILs stated that with the cattle slaughter ban, employees hired by slaughtering agencies will lose their jobs. 

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