No, we are not talking of another off shoot of AIADMK, or the DMK or the Deepa’s Peravai, this one is no way attached to the politics in which Sasikala, O Panneerselvam or Jayalalithaa.


This new political party which goes by the name En Desam En Urimai (My nation, my rights) came to life after the Marina Beach uprising the Tamil Nadu witnessed with regards to the banning of Jallikattu by the Supreme Court.


It has nearly seven lakh registered members across the State, who have pledged to work for the benefit of the people, the coordinators representing Coimbatore district. "We successfully protested for Jallikattu without any motive. In a similar fashion the new political party will work for development of the people" said Amalraj, one of the coordinators.


What’s interesting is how the party decided to choose their candidate for the RK Nagar bypoll. In an article mentioned in Eenadu the novel method was described. Over 75 people had applied for the seat’s candidature and so they decided to have an open meeting . The decision would stem from a 10-member team comprising members from various sections such as auto drivers, IT employees, traders, fish vendors, homemakers, college students and transgenders.


This 10-member team asked the potential candidates  were the ones who decided who would be apt for the post. A promise was also taken from the party member that in case they do not manage to do good on their promises as an MLA, the person would have to resign. This was done to ensure transparency in the whole process.