Expect 'all kinds of good changes' if Rajinikanth enters politics: Latha

First Published 4, Oct 2017, 2:25 PM IST
Rajinikanth wife expect good changes politics
  • Tamil Nadu is eagerly waiting for a confirmation from Rajinikanth on when he is planning to enter politics.
  • A few months back he had hinted that he will be joining politics soon.

The wife of Tamil 'superstar' Rajinikanth, Latha on Wednesday said her family is "eagerly" waiting to see what decision the veteran star would take on his political plunge, but asserted "all kinds of good changes can be expected" of him if he did enter politics.

Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of an event here, Latha did not make any direct responses to her husband's possible political entry and insisted he was the right person to respond to reporters' queries in this regard.

"That honour (of making the official announcement) must be given to him. It will be a decision he will be taking as an individual and we respect that as a family. We are also eagerly waiting to see what he wants to say," she said.

Rajinikanth, besides his contemporary Kamal Haasan, had recently hinted about taking the political plunge, saying the present system had "rotten".

He had also urged his fans to be ready to "be prepared for a war" when it came. These remarks were seen as him dropping hints of taking the political plunge.

Latha, involved in various social activities, including working in the field of children, said there are many shortcomings in the educational system and when a scribe asked if Rajinikanth would enter politics to set these things right, she said:"he might set many things right."

"But this (question of his entering politics) has to be asked to him," she added. Asked what was her opinion on the issue as a "voter", she only said "people's opinion is what (is my opinion)."

Earlier, at an interaction at the event when a question was posed to her on what kinds of changes her husband would usher in if he entered politics, she said it could be "all kinds of changes."

"If he enters politics, all kinds of good changes can be expected. But those things can't be said. It will be in his mind," she said.

Asked if he had made up his mind on entering politics, she said "he himself will say that."