Two Tamil films, 'Vikram Vedha', starring Vijay Sethupathi and Madhavan as lead stars, and 'Meesaya Murukku', featuring 'Hip Hop Tamizha' Adhi as the hero, have set thecash registers at box offices ringing across Tamil Nadu. This fact has given hope to the Tamil film directors who were worried about the increased ticket prices.

A few directors from Kollywood spoke about the film market and also the effect of GST on Tamil films.

Director Jananathan: Social Media plays an important in promoting a movie. It brings people to the theatre even as the previous show is still running. People are not bothered to spend money if the content is good, but still, we would stick to our demand to reduce the price. This business is facing a severe loss, and hence it would be appreciated if the government brings down the price.

Director Susi Ganeshan: Vijay Sethupathi has changed the mood of the cinema industry. Good content will always bring good collection, and even GST cannot have an impact on it. People are always ready to buy real products. It is applicable not only to the cinema but every other field. It is worth paying the toll as the roads are maintained but what is the government doing for the film industry that it demands this much of tax. When the government can implement demonetization overnight, can’t it stop piracy? If only the government eradicate piracy and then demand the tax, it would be happily accepted. 

Director Seenu Ramasamy: From time immemorial, people are paying tax, but this tax imposition is too high to bear with. For instance, a producer, who is taking a movie with a small budget, is getting finance from a financier. He is paying all the artists after deducting their taxes. The film is made. It is also ready for the distribution but not sure when it will be sold. It is an unpredictable situation. The producer has no other go but to pay the interest to the financier whether the film is sold or not. That is why we plead for the reduction of the tax. The distance between a commoner and the cinema is widened now. We are the ones who are creating the chance to make a citizen watch the films in websites and pirated CDs.

Director Vasanthabalan: GST’s real impact will be seen only when we take into account of districts other than cities like Chennai.