Giving further indication of taking a political plunge, veteran film actor Kamal Haasan has said he will come out with a ‘communication strategy’ on his birthday next month to keep in touch with youth.

Writing in his weekly series in Tamil magazine ‘Ananda Vikatan,’ the actor titled it this week as “Be prepared..will tell all on November 7,” which happens to be his birthday.

Not just that, sources close to Kamal Hassan has confirmed to NewsX that the actor is likely to introduce a app for his fan club which will serve as bridge between Kamal and public to interact about various issues.

This is the first step Kamal has taken in his political avatar.

Fans can address their queries and Kamal likely to respond on a particular time.

However, details of this are yet to be finalized.

Expressing confidence in the youth population aged 18-35 years, he said he was “proud of” the thoughts and philosophy he had developed in that age group.

“I can see that a youth force is waiting.. The requirement and duty for me to coordinate them has come.. I am going to work out and announce a way of seamless communication with them on November 7. This will be not to interact, but will be one of training and workshops that will make plans,” he said.

Kamal's IT team is working out the modalaties and development of the app and the inauguration of the app is likely to take in a grand manner, probably on his birthday.