Chennai’s colleges have a history of imposing rules that are archaic and in many ways, misogynistic. For a while now, students have murmured their discontent and have showed their rebellion by not adhering to all the rules. But what happens if you don’t follow the college’s diktats?

Well, a girl and boy studying in a private college in Chennai were given transfer certificates and were forcibly expelled. Why? Because the two were in a relationship.

Friends of the two students said their parents were humiliated by the college principal. They were asked if their kids attended an educational institution to study or develop a romance. According to The New Indian Express, the two students were not allowed to write their semester exams. They were also transferred to another college.

However, the college’s extreme step is only a reflection of the extreme rules in place. For instance, students of the opposite gender are not allowed to speak to each other or even look in their direction. Students of the college claimed that they are watched by ‘floor supervisors’ who take violations of rules very seriously.

However, these set of rules are common mostly to the engineering colleges in Chennai. Earlier, a student from Sai Ram Engineering College uploaded the institution’s list of rules for boys and girls.

The college stated that girls aren’t allowed to leave their hair loose, wear leggings or high heels. The rules also included some strange policies about social media and their diet. Students were not allowed to have a Facebook account and were stopped from sharing chocolates or cakes with friends.

Even though students have spoken out against rules that are dehumanising, Chennai's institutions have defended their stance by claiming that rules ensure productivity. College authorities earlier said that students are far less distracted when such policies are in place.