Kamal Haasan had hit the headlines just a few days back because of his controversial article on "Hindu extremism", which fetched him the ire of right wings like the BJP and other Hindu Groups. The article had come out in Tamil news magazine Ananda Vikatan.

The actor has said in his latest article published on Thursday that, "Hindus are in a majority, and they should embrace others and correct them if they do wrong.”

He also advised his readers to pay taxes on time and not evade it since that would be treacherous. He wrote, "We can't pay Turkey berry (sundakkai) as tax and expect pumpkin in return.” The actor equated tax to “student pocket money we give to the government.”

According to an article by the Deccan Chronicle, in today's column he wrote, “Hindus are in a majority. They have the responsibility of an elder brother. When Hindus they say we are big their hearts too ought to be big. They should embrace others and correct them if they do wrong. We've given courts the responsibility to punish people. Let them do that.”

He further added, "I have no problems if I am dragged to courts. I am on people's journey."

On his 63rd birthday, he announced his entry into politics and announced the launch of a new app titled  “maiyamwhistle” which will be an interactive platform for him and his fans. Here, he would take suggestions from his fans regarding the issues they have been facing and what they wish him to take up during his political career. He, however, clarified later that he is not entering politics relying on this app alone. "Plenty of actions are coming up," he said.

Referring to the public donation and financial support that he received from his fans even before the launch of his party, Haasan said he would returning the 30 crore that he received as donation from his fans. Calling acceptance of the money as "illegal", he said, "Don't think that I am stepping back. I want to create the fundamentals before accepting the money….the moment people started sending money, the political party had begun. But I need to create proper infrastructure so that even after me, this movement should continue."

Speaking about his future plans, Haasan said that if need be he would also visit Varanasi from where PM Modi won the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. He wrote, "I have started my journey to meet the people and I would take this as a part of it. If they want me to come to Varanasi, I would not hesitate. I have been there while shooting for Hey Ram".