The milestones on National Highways running through Tamil Nadu is getting a Hindi makeover. However, it is replacing the English script that is causing trouble to truckers, travellers, tourists and people from non-Hindi states passing through the national highways. 


According to a report, due to the inconvenience stakeholders are seeking the reversal of this new move. 


The National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) in the last couple of months have wiped the English names and have replaced them with Hindi scripts in border districts of Vellore and Krishnagiri, reported The New Indian Express. However, it is against the three-language policy of road signage that mandates Hindi, English and the vernacular of that state on the milestones. 


Recently, milestones in Chittoor-Vellore national highway are also getting the Hindi makeover, and translation of names is leading to confusion among the commuters. Also, the names on national highway 77 milestones have Tamil and Hindi scripts and not English. 


For non-Tamils and non-Hindi speaking travellers who frequently come to Vellore, this move has been an unfriendly one. Vellore known for its health care facilities draws patients from across India as well as from abroad including the Gulf countries. 


Apart from the non-Tamil and non-Hindi speaking travellers who come for medical purposes, the other sector that will be impacted by this move is the tannery industries on Vellore. This city has the highest leather companies in India, and due to language issues on the milestones, this industry is fearing loss of customers. 


The general secretary of the Vaniyambadi Tanners Association, T Mohammed Mubeen confirmed that about 100 to 150 businessmen from other parts of the country regularly come of nearby areas through the national highway. The New Indian Express quoted him as saying that forcing people to learn one of these two languages is illogical. 


Meanwhile, the NHAI stated that this is due to Centre’s policy decision change.