H Farook, 31, a local political activist, known for his outspokenness, especially against Islam, was hacked to death on Thursday night in Coimbatore.

The Tamil Nadu police investigating into the murder of the rationalist, who ran a WhatsApp group on lines Periyar ideology, have landed on some crucial details that tell us about the absurd reasons why Farook was so brutally murdered.

1. Farook, who lived in Coimbatore's South Ukkadam was a member of Dravidar Viduthalai Kazhagam (DVK), a breakaway group of the Dravidar Kazhagam (DK) that promoted rational thinking about fellow Muslims.

2. Farook operated a WhatsApp group, which had over 400 like-minded Muslim members.

3. The WhatsApp group was called Allahu Murdhath 

4. A few weeks back Farook had posted a photo in which his children were seen a holding a placard that read: No God, No God.

5. He had also made public statement that he would raise his children as free-thinking atheists.

6. His WhatsApp group was becoming popular among Muslims, following which the radical Islamists asked him to take down the page, which he refused.