The Madras High Court today ordered the 'heads of censor board' to appear before it on March 27, saying the poorly censored films are responsible for obscenity in cinema, which is affecting the youths diversely.


"The heads of censor board" are directed to appear before the court on March 27 to explain as to why necessary action should not be taken against the board which is responsible for an exhibition of such cinemas involving POCSO Act offences," said a bench of Justice S Nagamuthu and Justice Anita Sumanth.


The judges issued the summons as a minor girl, traced in February after eloping with her 22-year-old boyfriend last May, deposed before the court that she had eloped under the influence from similar episodes in films. Her father had lodged a complaint on May 16, 2016, hat his daughter studying in class XII in Myladuthurai was missing. It was later found that she had eloped with a local youth.


The police investigation revealed the youth was involved in several criminal cases in Myladuthurai region. The police later traced the youth to Kozhikode on the basis of his mobile phone location, but the police could not find him there as it reached there on February 10. The couple surfaced later and with the girl's father having filed a habeas corpus petition in the court, they were produced before it with the girl being four-month pregnant.


On quizzed by the court, the girl told the judges that she had eloped with the youth on her own volition after seeing and being influenced by Tamil films. At this, the judges observed that the society has been spoilt by bad films. They said the poorly censored films ere responsible for obscenity in cinema which in turn are having adverse effect on the youths.