Tamil Nadu's bipolar and divisive politics may finally breathe its last. It's not us, but popular belief saying this. People are sick of AIADMK's warring factions formed by Sasikala and Panneerselvam and DMK's dying factions led by Stalin and his brother M K Alagiri. Forget Karunanidhi, who is on and off his deathbed every now and then. So, basically Tamil Nadu politics is in shambles and so is the future of the people, who till date survived on Amma's generosity. Thalaivas or our own Rajinikanth's possible entry into politics at this point in both symbolic and a strategic move. 

Symbolic, because Tamil nadu needs a change from the type-set ideologies set by the two major parties here; Strategic, because this is the right time to strike the iron as people are looking for an acceptable change. 66-year old Rajinikanth's entry into politics will give Tamilians a cinematic levee. His recent May 19 speech on "changing the system" and embracing oneself for a "war" could be interpreted in many ways. He could be talking about a people's war, but it is best interpreted as a war from within the system. Although he was clear about his intention of not joining politics, his statement on not joining hands with businessmen and corrupt politicians also got the mind reeling under ideas of his political entry. Amid speculations, political analysts believe that if Rajini entered the political domain, he would be a threat for some and messiah for others. So, what can he bring to the plate?

A bus driver's connection to the grass-root level: The demi-god has humble roots. That's for sure. Born to a police constable and a housewife, Rajinikanth struggled a lot during his childhood and youth due to financial crisis. Being the fourth among all his siblings, he had to struggle to make ends meet. He started earning his living as a coolie and a carpenter. He was later employed by teh Bangalore Transport Service as a bus conductor. His humble roots and struggle for existence is easily relatable to the people of Tamil Nadu. He leads a simple life and even simpler ideologies. 

Tamil Nadu is not only for the Tamilians: Born as a Maharashtrian, Rajinikanth aka Shivaji Rao Gaekwad, has won hearts in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. He is considered a demi-God in both the places and that brings with him a cosmopolitan representation of a man of many cultures. For the like of political parties who believe that Tamil Nadu is only for Tamilians, the state has often been considered racist in its outlook and reception. With Rajinikanth at the helm of affairs and with popular votes, the perception of the state with also get a makeover.

A samaritan and a humanitarian: It is pretty well known how simple Thalaiva is in his lifestyle and thinking. There have been numerous instances where he has helped his co-stars and even other staff members of the film industry. But little did anyone know that he has a heart of gold too. It is said that Rajini has returned the money of distributors from his own pocket if a film did not work in box office. In fact, according to his biographer Naman Ramachandran, 50% of Rajinikanth's income goes to charity.

BJP may get a Tamil stronghold: BJP was never able to set its foot on the Tamil grounds. Off late, DMK's Dravidian Movement has also had a major influence on the people of Tamil Nadu who have voted out BJP time ana again for their pro-Hindi ideologies. There are high possibilities that if Rajinikanth decided to join politics, be it independently or with a political ally, BJP will be in a win-win situation. In fact, Amit Shah and Nitin Gadkari have said that the doors of BJP will always be open for Thalaiva. This could indeed change the political picture in Tamil Nadu and votes may drastically be rechannelised.

All said, Rajinikanth could indeed bring a whiff of fresh air in the choking political scenario of Tamil Nadu.