Engineering was once considered one of the best career opportunities in India as every middle class parent wanted their child to be either a doctor or an engineer. But, in the recent years engineering is not one of the most desired or stable career option for many due to various factors. 

Less number of job options in the domestic market, visa restrictions in multiple countries, rapid automation in various sectors, and outdated syllabus in engineering institutions are a few reasons due to which engineering graduates are finding it difficult to get a job in this field. 

Apart from the fresh graduates, even those who have jobs are also facing a hard time due to massive lay-offs in some of the best companies leading to job insecurities across the industry. Especially, the once promising IT sector is facing a much difficult time. 

The current situation of the engineering sector has forced the professionals to look for job security in different professions, and many of them are turning towards teaching jobs. 

According to a leading daily report, schools in Chennai are receiving inquiries and applications from engineering graduates for the posts of teachers. Correspondent of NGS Group of Schools, Chitra Prasad, reportedly confirmed that unprecedented numbers of applications from engineers have been received for CBSE and matriculation schools to teach higher secondary level physics, chemistry and math, the Times of India quoted Prasad as saying. 

In fact, may women engineers are quitting their IT jobs and are looking for teaching jobs as a more secure option, principal of SBOA Matriculation School, Reita John, was quoted by the daily as saying.

According to experts, IT professionals are trying to find ‘job security’ in teaching jobs because of ‘an unforgiving spell of engineering recession’.   

However, finding a teaching job may also not be an easy task for even engineering graduates with years of experience in corporate as teaching requires a certain kind of aptitude. Also, according to director of Change India, Padam A Narayanan, since engineers have little room for applying their knowledge of subjects during their initial IT jobs, there is no guarantee that they retain their knowledge, the daily quoted him.

Narayanan further suggested that for such applicants Teacher Eligibility Test should be made mandatory and also, that they should join training institutes to develop understanding the working of a classroom.