Alert villagers foil bid to attack inter-caste marriage couple

First Published 10, Nov 2017, 4:38 PM IST
Alert villagers foil bid to attack inter caste marriage couple
  • The villagers caught three men suspiciously roaming in the village.
  • They caught them and handed over to the police, alleging that the trio were there to attack a backward class boy.
  • The boy had married a girl from a different caste and her relatives were unhappy about the relationship.

In an incident in Krishnagiri, alert villagers foiled a bid by three people who tried to attack a couple for an inter-caste marriage. On Wednesday night, the villagers spotted three youths moving suspiciously in the Sampalpatti village and caught them. G. Jagadeesh, 26, V.Vijay, 23 and B.Sathyaraj, 31, all belonging to the Keezh Theru in Shoolagiri were handed over to the police.

The villagers also informed the police that the trio had come to the village to attack 26-year-old Lokesh for marrying 20-year-old Lavanya, who is their relative. Lokesh belonged to a backward community and Lavanya, an OBC Vanniar fell in love with each other when the former was working in Shoolagiri as a driver, handling heavy earth-moving machines.

When Lavanya came to know about her parents' and relatives stance on her relationship with Lokesh, she eloped with him. They got married at a temple two months ago and came back to Shoolagiri and sought the protection of the police there, sensing trouble from Lavanya's parents. Her relatives met the girl at the police station and tried to counsel her to leave Lokesh and come back to them. However, Lavanya decided to stay with Lokesh and went to her in-laws house in Sampalpatti, according to a report by the Deccan Chronicle.