AIADMK promised speedy release of Tamil Nadu fishermen imprisoned in Sri Lanka after Tamil Nadu’s main opposition party DMK raised the issue in the assembly session.

“Tamil Nadu fishermen in Sri Lanka prison will soon be released. We will seek action for the release of the boats as well,” AIADMK Minister Jayakumar said. 

In the Assembly, after the question session was over, the opposition parties highlighted the issues of fishermen .It was told by the opposition party members that in the DMK regime, Tamil Nadu fishermen were released within a short period. 

Their boats were also released sooner. Right now the fishermen and their boats are still under the control of Sri Lanka.

So far about 143 boats are at the risk of getting damaged and are likely to be sunk. DMK alleged that Central and state governments have not taken any action to protect fishermen of Tamil Nadu.

They further said that if the same situation continues to prevail, like the Tamil Nadu farmers, Tamil Nadu fishermen will also be unable to work. 

They asked the government to take immediate action to secure the release of Tamil Nadu fishermen and their boats in Sri Lanka.

In response to the statement of the opposition party, the minister said, “Former Chief Minister Jayalalitha once stressed on the point that if the Tamil fishermen cross the border, they should not be attacked but they should be handed over to India”. Because of the serious efforts taken by her there were no untoward incidences. Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Palaniswamy has urged the Prime Minister twice to release the fishermen and their fishing boats.”

“Recently, when Prime Minister Modi visited Sri Lanka, the Chief Minister contacted him and urged him to take action to release fishermen and boats,” Jayakumar further added.